Participants' Comments (2016)

Below are some comments from visitors & exhibitors at the previous edition. We hope that you join us next year!

From visitors

Mr. David Ford

Takefumi Shiga
General Manager,
Body Design Div. 1

Q What do you think about AUTOMOTIVE WORLD?
A I am impressed by the size of the show and a lot of automotive engineers visiting the show. I think these factors generate new business here.

AUTOMOTIVE WORLD is a very good place to meet overseas suppliers. We can meet companies we have never seen before in this show.
Thomas Rudlaff

Thomas Rudlaff
Head of Body Design of Next
Generation Mercedes Vehicles

Q What do you think about AUTOMOTIVE WORLD?
A It's really a big show which covers a lot of things. I think that in Japan, you've got a very big automotive industry, and also a lot of customers here. And also a lot of innovations are coming from Japan so that it is one of the main reasons to hold this exhibition in here.
Hyounwoo Lee

Hyounwoo Lee
President, CEO

Q What were your impressions of AUTOMOTIVE WORLD?
A AUTOMOTIVE WORLD is a very good place to meet and find suppliers. Especially, the show is good because we can meet not only Japanese & Asian suppliers, but also European & US suppliers.

The show is very good and I will recommend my colleagues to visit the show next year.
Jun Li

Jun Li

Q What do you think about AUTOMOTIVE WORLD?
A The show is very unique in that it's covering from technologies to products, and from components to car bodies.

From exhibitors

Jon Aitchison

Jon Aitchison
Vice President for Sales for UK
and Far East

Q How is exhibiting in AUTOMOTIVE WORLD?
A It's actually very cost-effective for us to be more in place in terms of time and cost.
What I can say here is in Asian region this is definitely our most engaging show.
Shin Okura

Shin Okura
Tokai Electronics Co., Ltd.

Q How was exhibiting in AUTOMOTIVE WORLD?
A Many customers visited our booth.
(Our goal of sales is) Several billion yen. All of us share the same goal and work together to achieve it in few years.
Q Do you think you can achieve the goal?
A I feel very positive about that as we had many visitors and got good respond.
Zhou Liang

Zhou Liang

Q How is exhibiting in AUTOMOTIVE WORLD?
A Actually it's our second time to attend this show and I think the visitors are very special and it covers many areas I think this is very important.

For more about AUTOMOTIVE WORLD, watch the show video!

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