Photo Highlight 2019

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The Show Concluded on a Very High Note!

36 Top Executives from Automotive Industry attended the ceremony.

1,002 Exhibitors gathered from around the world!

Fully occupied conference venue. 100 sessions were delivered in 3 days.

Scene from AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Keynote Session

<AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Keynote Session Speakers> *Honorific omitted.

Keiji Yamamoto

Executive Vice President,
Connected Company,

Toyota Motor Corp.

Helge Neuner

Head of Automated Driving,
Group Research,

Volkswagen AG

Concurrent Show 1

246 Exhibitors showcased the latest robotics technologies and robots.

Concurrent Show 2

246 Exhibitors showcased IoT Solutions, Cybersecurity, FA, etc.

Concurrent Show 3

The latest electronics technologies were showcased.

Concurrent Show 4

141 Exhibitors from around the world showcased the latest wearable device & technologies.

AUTOMOTIVE WORLD to be Held Twice a Year- Sep. in Nagoya & January in Tokyo.