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Exhibitor Comments (2018)

We collected comments about the outcomes of exhibiting at 10th AUTOMOTIVE WORLD held in January, 2018 from the exhibitors.
Check them and consider exhibiting!

Good points of the show are its clear concept and being co-held with related shows

Koshiro Togami
Marketing Manager, Regional Marketing
Analog Devices, K.K.

Miki Tsuboi
Specialist, Regional Marketing, Marcom
Analog Devices, K.K.

― Why did you decide to participate in this show?
We’ve exhibited at some other shows and compared the outcomes of them and found that exhibiting at AUTOMOTIVE WORLD was the most effective.
Also its concept was very good since there’s no other show focusing on car electronics.

― What is the good point of this show?
Its clear concept and variety of visitors because of the concurrent shows are the good points of the show.
Thanks to the co-held shows, we met a lot of visitors from wide variety of industry.

We gained the awareness of our business so much

Munenori Ota
Manager, Marketing Group, Automotive Marketing Dept.
Asahi Kasei Corporation

― How was your exhibiting?
We’re exhibiting every year, but we had a larger booth than before and showcased a car.
I feel that the total number of visitors of the show and the visitors who visited our booth both increased from the last year.

― What is the best point of your exhibiting this year?
We’re famous for material and chemical products and not many people know we are in automotive field as well.
It was good that we increased the visibility of that field and we met many visitors from electronics industry.

It was exciting to see enthusiastic visitors with clear purpose

Kazuhiro Takagi
Manager, Semiconductor Component Sales Gr., Automotive Electronics Div.
Bosch Corporation

― Who were the visitors at your booth?
  We had both existing as well as new visitors. The Automotive World provided a venue for us not just to let the world know about our company, but also to promote our new technology to
  the existing customers. I think we have achieved our goal.

― What attracted you to our Show?
  To be able to meet people whose path would have never crossed with ours otherwise. Also, most of the visitors to our booth come with clear intent and purpose.
  It helped us see their needs and vice versa.

Shriek of Joy with more-than-expected number of visitors!

Kosuke Harima
Corporate Planning Office
Keihin Corporation

Yasuaki Nakazawa
Manager, New Business & Sales Department
Keihin Corporation

― How was the show for you?
This is our first time as an exhibitor at this expo. We were amazed at how large the crowd of customers was.
We had thought we arrived with enough materials to distribute to the visitors but it was so much more than we had expected.

― What were the people like?
People from all over the world visited us. In particular, we’ve had visitors from China, inquiring about electrification.

Able to meet companies that we’ve never had in contact with

Yoshinori Matsui
Manager, Connected Car Business Office
NTT Docomo, Inc.

― How large was the crowd?
A very large crowd. We even had to order a re-print of our leaflets since it ran out fast. Even that ran out quick and we couldn’t pass any to some visitors on the 3rd day.
We are satisfied of the outcome.

― What appeals to you about the show?
  We provide services to both BtoB and BtoC and we were so glad to have been able to meet a lot of companies whom we wouldn’t have been able to come in contact with otherwise.

We’re glad we have had more-than-expected visitors at our booth.

Manabu Kato
Senior Product Manager, Automotive Division

― What motivated you to exhibit with us?
We wanted to find contacts with companies we’ve never had met. This is our first time exhibiting. A whole lot more customers have come and talked with us. We were simply astonished.

― How was it like the interaction with the visitors?
Many arrive here with clear purpose in mind as to what next steps for them to take. It helps us to set the goal for our next steps.
We definitely are considering exhibiting next time and onward.

Ran out of the pamphlets for the more-than-expected number of visitors!

Ryota Shibuya, Ph.D
Manager, R&D Division, R&D Department
AZAPA Co., Ltd.

― How did you like your experience with us?
VERY satisfied. A huge turnout. Ran out of the pamphlets quickly and had to place a rush re-print order. Satisfied to have been able to increase our visibility.

― How was it like the interaction with the visitors?
A lot of visitors from various industries have visited our booth. On top of the questions, we have also received new ideas from them. It was quite a meaningful time.

We were able to meet whom we wanted to meet!

Shuichi Ito
Chief Executive Officer
Metal and Technology Inc.

― What motivated you to exhibit at this show?
In search for needs that our products can help fulfill. The clear concept of the expo helps bring visitors with clear purpose.

― Any leads to your future business?
Yes. Actually, we already made appointments with visitors for the next meetings. A great step toward a possible future business.

This is the only EXPO we exhibit.

Toshiro Tanimura
Sales & Marketing Group, New Business Development
MEC Company Ltd.

― Tell us why you chose AUTOMOTIVE WORLD to exhibit at.
Why we choose this expo is because it draws a great number of ATTRACTIVE crowds. We don’t exhibit at the other exhibitions.

― How many people visited your booth?
On average, approx. 150/ day. We have received various valuable comments and met people that might lead us to future possibilities.