Held inside CAR-ELE JAPAN


What is this zone about?

Automotive Software Market is being anticipated to accelerate in a near future due to an increase in demand for a number of connected / autonomous cars and growing electronic applications in vehicles. This zone is the specialized exhibit area for firms that manufacture or possess related products or technologies for Automotive Software.

3 Merits of exhibiting for this zone

Merit 1

This zone will take place inside the exhibition, INT'L AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY EXPO, the World's leading show for automotive electronics technologies. You can expect an abundance of opportunities to connect and have actual business discussions especially with Automakers and Tier1 suppliers from many countries.

Merit 2

A number of engineers and executives from such World’s leading Automakers and Tier1 suppliers as TOYOTA, HONDA, DENSO, etc. visit the show to consider integrating your products or technologies.

Merit 3

In order to attract as many targeted visitors as possible, we plan to implement following promotions.
・Promoting this zone and exhibitors through our database (280,000 e-mail addresses)
   ・Sending invitation tickets to 120,000 engineers of Automotive Industry to visit the show.

Available exhibit space is limited.

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