Advertising Options

Take advantage of our advertising options to make the most of the exhibition participation!
Show Management offers you many opportunities to promote your trade show appearance prior to, during and after the trade show.
Please check our exceprt PR/advertisement opportunities below.

Web/E-mail Advertisement

・Banner Ads on Official Show Website   

Official Show Website has a huge amount of traffic as the show is approaching
so, you can inform your potential customers of your participation widely.

・Ads in Visitor Promotion E-mail

Visitor promotion e-mails are sent to approx. 300,000 industry professionals
including visitors at the past shows. You can promote your participation and
lead them to your website to gain direct inquiries.

・Banner Ads on Conference Webpage

Conference Webpage covers the programme of 180 seminars by industry leaders.
A wide variety of audience check the website prior to the show. You can attract high-quality and serious visitors to your booth

・Exhibitor Directory Listing

You can maximise your exposure on the Exhibitor Search Page and attract attention from visitors who look for specific solutions/products.

Onsite Advertisement

・Digital Signage Ads on the Hallway

Digital signages will be placed on the hallway where there is huge traffic of
visitors. Attract visitors to your booth by displaying your company name,
booth location and product information.

・Hanging Banner Ad above Your Booth     

This ad will enable visitors to find your booth very easily,  even from a distance.

・Floor Map Ads (On Digital & Printed Versions) 

All visitors will take a floor map at the entrance of each exhibition hall. 
This advertisement service includes both a banner advertisement and your highlighted booth location in colour on the floor map. 
On the digital floor map, your banner ad will be linked to your exhibit information page in the show exhibitor search page.

・Show Entrance Floor Ads

Your graphic design will be placed on the floor of the exhibition hall entrance during the show. 
Every visitor will see your Floor Ad when entering the hall. You can lead visitors effectively to your booth. 
Naturally, more people will visit your booth.

For More Advertising Options,  Contact Show Management for Details

For More Advertising
Options, Contact Show
Management for Details