The show was held on Oct. 27- 29, 2021.

Scene from Day 1 (Oct. 27th)

Video from Day 1

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Chinese Ver.

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The latest Tech. for Autonomous Driving, Car Electronics, Lightweight, etc. gathered!

120* Conference Sessions by Industry Leaders

*including concurrent shows

<AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Nagoya Keynote Session Speakers> *Honorific omitted.

Masaaki Kubo
General Manager,
Powertrain and EV Engineering Div.,
Powertrain and EV Advanced Technology Development Dept.,
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. 

Markus Wabro
Executive Officer,
Head of System Engineering,
Powertrain Solutions Japan,
Bosch Corp.

Thorough measures against Covid-19

Taking body temperature one by one

Anti-splash sheets installed at reception

Hand sanitizers at all the exhibition entrances

Station a nurse all time at the venue for emergency

The upcoming show is in Tokyo, Jan. 2022!

Please also visit the Tokyo Edition.